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“Shame! We don’t deserve the title, I won’t be here anymore…”

Partizan coach Aleksandar Stanojević was disappointed by the behavior of the fans in the deciding match against Anorthosis.

The Black and Whites played 1:1 with the Cypriot club and, as the runners-up in the group, secured a place in the 1/16 finals of the League of Conferences. Gent won the first place.

“Then you wonder why a coach wants to leave… After this, I don’t know if I should stay at all, if I want to work in a situation where I feel some negativity from the beginning. What is needed, to invest in the fans, to praise them, when the negative atmosphere starts from the first moment, when every situation is waiting to criticize the four young players who started the game. I am extremely sad and disappointed. For me, Partizan is sacred, I am not interested in who is in the administration, nor who is in power,” said Stanojević and continued:

“If you are an Undertaker, be an Undertaker to the end, support your club, and not have any negative energy.” The players and we are terribly disappointed. I don’t know if we deserve the title, we fight like lions every day, every game, every training session. It’s a shame what the atmosphere was like, I don’t know if I’m going to stay longer, if I’m going to stay and fight for the title, when we don’t even deserve the title. If you come to cheer, cheer for your beloved club.”

Stanojević emphasized that the club and the coat of arms are sacred.

“You’re either an Undertaker or you’re not.” We are first in the standings, we are playing in the spring, and that does not suit, someone is angry. I’m not going to be here anymore, and now you’re asking me some questions to talk about the game. About what game? I do not care. Nothing suits us. Be positive, love this club. If you love him at all. We are like Undertaker, which Undertaker? 500 people come… I’m not interested at all, let them whistle for us tomorrow. We played like I don’t know who, we played a European game.”

The black and white coach expects a strong opponent in the knockout phase.

“We will probably get some powerful opponents, and I hope they will be greeted by a large number of fans.” We don’t think about the draw, we think about how to fight for the title, how to have a positive atmosphere. “If we have this kind of atmosphere, then we don’t deserve to fight for the title,” added Stanojević.

Fiorentina at West Ham in the grand final

In the final of the Conference League for 2023, West Ham and Fiorentina will meet.

After a 2:1 victory over AZ Alkmaar in the first match, the Hammers won 1:0 in the second leg in the Netherlands with a goal from Fornals in the fourth minute of stoppage time.

Much greater drama was seen in the second leg in Switzerland between Basel and Fiorentina.

In the 90th minute of the match in Basel, we saw the same result as in the first match in Florence – 1:2.

Nicolas Gonzalez gave Fiorentina the lead with a goal in the 35th minute, and Ambuni equalized in the 55th minute. In the 72nd minute, Gonzalez again restored the lead to the visitors from Florence with a second goal.

In the second overtime, there was a short interruption because one fan in the stands got sick.

In stoppage time, Fiorentina managed to score a goal to win and advance to the final, thanks to reserve player Antonin Barak. Serbian forward Luka Jović also participated in the action, who also came off the bench.

The final will be played on June 7 in Prague.

Allegri: Sevilla is more experienced than Juventus

Juventus footballers did not qualify for the Europa League final, although they had an advantage in the second leg of the semi-final at the “Ramon Sánchez Pijuan” stadium. The trophy club from Piedmont was defeated after extra time by Sevilla.

Sevilla, the most successful team in the history of the LE, will fight for their seventh cup with Roma, who eliminated Bayer Leverkusen in two legs.

“In games like this, small things make the difference. This was a good performance, and our players have to take steps like this to learn, especially the younger ones. We could have been the ones to take the lead with 2:1, but we made some mistakes even when we had the lead, so we were punished by the second goal. “, said Massimiliano Allegri.

The only goal for Juventus was scored by Serbian striker Dušan Vlahović in the 65th minute, and just two minutes earlier he entered the game from the bench.

“Unfortunately, this has been a very difficult season for us. It is not easy to resist the impression of disappointment, but I had to concentrate on the remaining duels. Sevilla is a more experienced team than us. As for the composition and the introduction of young players, I chose Moise Ken because he could disturb Sevilla’s defense with his physical predispositions. In the end, the difference in international experience was the deciding factor,” said the Juventus coach.

This is the second season in a row that the “Old Lady” ends without a single trophy.

The Europa League final is scheduled for May 31 at the “Puskas Arena” in Budapest.

Mourinho: I’m not interested in history

Roma coach Jose Mourinho led “Vučica” to the finals of the European competition for the second year in a row. The team from the “eternal city” will fight for the Europa League trophy, and last season Mourinho brought the team the Conference League. However, the controversial Portuguese says that his motive is not to go down in Roma’s history.

Roma’s rival in the Europa League final will be Sevilla, the six-time winner of this competition. On Thursday, after a turnaround and extra time, the Andalusians were better than Juventus with 2:1.

“I don’t care if I write in the history books of Roma.” It is important for me to help these kids grow up, to learn how to achieve great results. Also, it’s important to me to make Roma fans feel good – they’ve given me so much since the first day I came to the club. “My joy for another place in the final is immeasurable,” said Jose Mourinho after the game.

“I think that we reached this victory with small tactical details – if we didn’t have Smalling on the bench, we might not even have reached the final,” said the trophy-winning Portuguese.

The LE final is scheduled for May 31 in Budapest.

Guardiola: My legacy will go down in the books, to get Real we have to have a plan

Manchester City coach Pep Guardola pointed out that his club’s results are memorable regardless of whether they won the Champions League title or not.

“My legacy, our legacy is already extraordinary.” My legacy may go down in the books one day. The legacy is that we spent a great period here, played great football. “The best legacy you can leave behind is that you played incredible football,” Guardiola said.

City will play against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals at their stadium on Wednesday at 21:00. The result of the first match was 1:1 in Madrid.

“We know how important Wednesday’s game is, maybe one of the most important for us.” We cannot dispute that. But I have already told the players to enjoy the moment, to realize how lucky they are to be where they are… We will give everything, really everything”.

“Citizens” have a plan to reach the finals.

“We know how important the match with Real is for this competition. We have to play like we do all the time and stay us, I’m grateful to the team for what we did. We are very excited, in order to beat Real we must have a game plan and be ready to change the match and create chances. “Real has a lot of quality.”

Real is the best club in the history of the Champions League and just knocked out City last season on the way to the trophy.

“If I knew why they are so good in the Champions League, I would know to beat them.” They have great players and they base their success on that. Milan won with Sacchi and Capella and those players had top players. What scares me about Real is that they always have an incredible watch. However, we have to minimize Real’s threats. We cannot think of the past. We have to play the best game,” Guardiola concluded.

Ancelotti changes tactics before the rematch with City, Real only thinks about the final

The Italian is determined to win another Champions League final

Real football coach Carlo Ancelotti said before the game with Manchester City that his team can play better than in the first meeting in Madrid.

On Wednesday, Manchester City’s players welcome Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. In the first match in Madrid, the score was 1:1.

“As usual. We will try to get the most out of the players on an individual and team level. I think we can do better than in the first match. This is a game that is on our minds for a very long time,” said the Italian expert.

Ancelotti will change his tactics compared to the first match.

“We are dangerous on the counterattack, but in the first match we didn’t have much space for them, so I don’t expect a match with a lot of transition play.” City had problems getting the ball back in possession when we were building play from the back line. That’s why we will try to keep the ball as long as possible and reduce the risk.”

Ancelotti has been bringing trophies to Real for years.

“This is my fourth year at the club. I enjoy every day. My legacy is to enjoy every day. This year we are well on our way to achieving something really important. We are very excited and very motivated, although we have a lot of hard work ahead of us. But the weight of every challenge makes us better.”

He also explained the change compared to last season.

“Last year, playing with Valverde on the wing won us the Champions League trophy. This season, the situation with Rodrigo (changed his position) led us to not conceding a goal. I have already decided which line-up I will go with.”

He doesn’t think about penalties.

“I’m not thinking about it. If it comes down to it, the reality is that you can’t over train for it. Because the atmosphere in the stadium will not be the same as in training. We only think about how to win.”

The Italian expert has a good feeling before the rematch.

“I am very calm, excited and have good faith.” The feelings are mixed, I have good and bad: that Holland will score, that De Bruyne will hit our net from distance… I will have to think about Vinicius dribbling, that Karim will score… It is not easy to get to where we are and enjoy the moment “, concluded Ancelotti.

Inter in the final of the Champions League, waiting for Real or Manchester City

Inter football players are the first finalists of the Champions League. In the return match of the semi-finals, the Neroazzuri were better than their city rival Milan and with two victories deservedly earned the right to fight for the title of European club champion next month.

The return match at the “Giuseppe Meazza” stadium ended with a score of 1:0. That only goal was scored by Lautaro Martinez in the 73rd minute.

Simone Inzaghi’s team went to the final with a total score of 3:0 (2:0. 1:0).

It is the first final for Inter since 2010, when the Nerazzurri under the leadership of Jose Mourinho (played by Dejan Stanković) won the Champions League by defeating Bayern.

The first half was played better by the “home” Inter, and the biggest culprits for the lack of goals were the goalkeepers of both teams: Andre Onana reacted perfectly in the situation when Brahim Diaz shot, while Mike Manjan managed to stop Edin Jack’s attempt.

In that period of the game, the recovered Rossoneri goal scorer Rafael Leao fought for a good chance, but after his penetration and shot, the ball went past the right post. In the first 45 minutes, the players of Inter, Barella, Lautaro Martínez were also imprecise in several situations…

Statistically speaking, both teams had only one shot on goal in the first 45 minutes.

There was even less excitement in the second half. The players of Inter completely deadened the game, while the Rossoneri did not manage to seriously threaten the goalkeeper Onana.

Inter - ac milan, simone inzaghi

Inter took the lead from practically the only chance, which the players of both teams created in the rest of the match: Lukaku passed the ball to Lautaro Martinez, the Argentinian checked Menjano diagonally from the left side to the great joy of the Inter fans – 1:0.

In the final, Inter will play against the better of the two matches between Real and Manchester City. In the first duel in Madrid, it was tied 1:1. They will play the second leg on Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Arteta: To analyze how capable our team really is

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was very disappointed after the 3-0 defeat at home to Brighton, after which his team almost no longer have a chance for the title of English champion.

“At this moment I feel only frustration, I feel like we gave up in the second half, and we fought so hard to be in this position – we should have bitten, to continue chasing the dream. You can’t do what we did now in the second half. We have to analyze a lot of things, to see if our team is even capable of doing what needs to be done on the biggest stage,” said Arteta and added:

“What this team has done in the last ten months is more than anyone expected, but that in turn raises expectations.” It also creates enthusiasm, happiness, joy and the feeling that we have to do something, and we have to deal with the trim. It is my responsibility to make it so. I hate this feeling when people are let down and that’s what I regret the most today. We have to apologize for that.”

The Spanish expert repeated once again that he is responsible for the defeat.

“My job is to bring out the best in everyone. I tried, but obviously now I didn’t succeed,” Arteta concluded.

The Frenchman Turpan referees the second leg of the semi-final of the Champions League between Inter and Milan

Last week, Inter won 2:0 in the first match of the LŠ semi-finals.

Frenchman Clemont Turpin will be the referee for the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between Inter and Milan, which will be played on Tuesday at 21:00 (CET) at the San Siro Stadium, the European Football Union (UEFA) announced.

Turpan will be assisted by compatriots Nikola Dano and Benjamen Paž, while Stephanie Frapard has been appointed as the fourth judge. Jerome Brissard and Benoit Milo will be in the VAR room.

Gattuso is one of the candidates for the new coach of Olympiakos

The well-known Italian football expert Gennaro Gattuso could take over Olympiakos at the end of the season, according to Greek media.

Gattuso is currently without an engagement, and the management of Olympiakos is trying to convince the Italian coach to lead the club from Piraeus next season.

Olympiakos finished the season in the Greek Super League in third place in the table with ten points less than the first-placed AEK from Athens. The club from Piraeus finished this season without a trophy, and the coach of Olympiakos is the Frenchman Jose Anigo.

Gattuso’s last job was in Valencia, and before that he managed Napoli, Milan, Pisa, OFI, Palermo and Sion.

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