“Shame! We don’t deserve the title, I won’t be here anymore…”

Partizan coach Aleksandar Stanojević was disappointed by the behavior of the fans in the deciding match against Anorthosis.

The Black and Whites played 1:1 with the Cypriot club and, as the runners-up in the group, secured a place in the 1/16 finals of the League of Conferences. Gent won the first place.

“Then you wonder why a coach wants to leave… After this, I don’t know if I should stay at all, if I want to work in a situation where I feel some negativity from the beginning. What is needed, to invest in the fans, to praise them, when the negative atmosphere starts from the first moment, when every situation is waiting to criticize the four young players who started the game. I am extremely sad and disappointed. For me, Partizan is sacred, I am not interested in who is in the administration, nor who is in power,” said Stanojević and continued:

“If you are an Undertaker, be an Undertaker to the end, support your club, and not have any negative energy.” The players and we are terribly disappointed. I don’t know if we deserve the title, we fight like lions every day, every game, every training session. It’s a shame what the atmosphere was like, I don’t know if I’m going to stay longer, if I’m going to stay and fight for the title, when we don’t even deserve the title. If you come to cheer, cheer for your beloved club.”

Stanojević emphasized that the club and the coat of arms are sacred.

“You’re either an Undertaker or you’re not.” We are first in the standings, we are playing in the spring, and that does not suit, someone is angry. I’m not going to be here anymore, and now you’re asking me some questions to talk about the game. About what game? I do not care. Nothing suits us. Be positive, love this club. If you love him at all. We are like Undertaker, which Undertaker? 500 people come… I’m not interested at all, let them whistle for us tomorrow. We played like I don’t know who, we played a European game.”

The black and white coach expects a strong opponent in the knockout phase.

“We will probably get some powerful opponents, and I hope they will be greeted by a large number of fans.” We don’t think about the draw, we think about how to fight for the title, how to have a positive atmosphere. “If we have this kind of atmosphere, then we don’t deserve to fight for the title,” added Stanojević.

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